Hey, I have a question for you!

Have you been to Hawaii? I’m going to Hawaii in Feb 2015 and still have no idea what I’m doing.

Our family and my parents are looking to go for two weeks and we really can’t decide where to go! We know we want to stay two weeks on the same island, and the decision is really between Maui and Kauai. Mia will be about 14 months so honestly, we’re just looking for some place with a kiddie pool, close to the beach for surfing and snorkelling, and relaxing.


We’re finally home! It took about two and a half hours longer than expected, but when we walked in the door, there was cold wine, margherita pizza, and wings. Thank you, best husband ever.

Top row: Aunt Norma and Uncle Harry

Second row: Mia has lunch in Princeton

Third row: Mia LOVES the pool (is that the cutest baby butt ever?!?)

Bottom row: Great Grandpa Max and Great Grandma Heidi